What We Do

AKQYS Luggage Tracker

AKQYS came to us with an idea and we vrought it to life. A luggage tracking and anti-theft system.

Bubba Rope

We do a lot of molds for clients. Bubba rope creates quality rope systems for towing and more.

Marriot World Center

This is one of a few projects that we have done for marriott. We modeled the hotel in CAD and printed a miniature scale model. Roughly 60 hours of modeling.

LEICA Scale Model

This Project is a scale model of a surgical device for doctors. We modeled this from pictures in their catalog and printed it. It consists of 51 3D printed pieces, hours of post process work, and a lot of attention to detail.

Lens Ring Replacement

A client came to us with a problem and we were able to help. His rental camera lens ring broke and instead of paying the outragious amount to replace it, he came to us and saved a lot of money.

ScentSation Candle

This was another idea that a client brought to us. Michael came to us with an idea in his head, and we did the rest. A candle holder that blows the scent throughout the house.